The Best Pellet Smokers for 2021

(April 2021 Review)

Originally Posted April 13, 2020

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When it comes to investing in a food smoker, a pellet smoker needs to be up there on the list, they are for sure worth considering when comparing them against your normal charcoal smokers.

Watching the TV programmes on American BBQ and even over here in the UK, we know that you aren’t going to be a classic pitmasters favourite person, but let’s be honest, in most cases, it’s about what the food really tastes like, and if you can get better outcomes with a pellet smoker vs charcoal, we know what we would go with… Taste over style points any day of the week.

Pellet smokers are going to be a little bit more expensive than similar charcoal or gas grills but paying that little bit extra isn’t going to seem like such a big ask when you realise how much you are getting from a pellet version. We are going to dig into some of the best pellet smokers available and give you some insight on what we think is the best picks for different budgets and needs.

Traeger Ironwood – 885
The Traeger Ironwood 885 is quite a special pellet smoker, if you are looking for something a little bit fancier than your traditional smoker and you're willing to pay the price, this may be the one for you. It boasts some amazing tech, including WiFi connection, allowing you to keep an eye on those long cooks and never miss a moment. The app that comes alongside the smoker/grill contains a bunch of handy recipes and new features such as D2 direct drive tech.
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This smoker doesn't come at as much of a cost as some of the others in this list, however, it really does still get a job done. The PB700FB comes with some great features such as being able to digitally control your cooking temperature between 82c to 260c. Its heavy-duty steel construction means you aren't going to get those smaller issues that you may find with smaller charcoal grills, this sturdy machine will certainly last.
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Another Pit Boss number on our list, another great budget option when it comes to starting out with your first pellet smoker. Similar to the PB700FB you get all of the same features with a slightly smaller cooking area and colour. .


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Adam Brown

Adam Brown

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