Best Home Meat Slicers

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Best Sausage Stuffers 2021

People from all walks of life love sausages. However, if asked, most of you would have previously told us you don’t care too much how sausages are made. The mere fact that it tastes delicious is enough for you.  That was yesteryear. Nowadays folks want to know down to...

How To Make The Perfect Burger – Our Guide To Temperatures and Grilling

There are countless ways to prepare the perfect burger. Each one will have its toppings, flavourers, and stuffings. However, they need to be cooked properly in the interest of health and safety.  If you grill your burger on a heat that’s too high, then you will end up...

What is Liquid Smoke? Does it Work?

Within the BBQ community's liquid smoke is often considered an inexpensive way to add a smoky flavour to a dish. Some folks may criticize it as they feel a smoker is the only real way to experience true smoky flavours.  The key reason for using liquid smoke is to...

Best Chopping Boards Reviewed 2021

Knives are, probably, only as useful as the chopping board it will be used on. Whether you're slicing vegetables, cutting meat, or preparing a garnish, you need the right chopping board for for job. Additionally, these types of cooking tools are versatile: they can...

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Best Smokers for Beginners 2021

Best Smokers for Beginners 2021

Our Winner[amazon box="B00GYV2BTM" description="A great Weber product is the Smokey Mountain cooker, as you can see this smokey is much slimmer and...

The Best Chef’s Knives

The Best Chef’s Knives

If you are not very experienced in the kitchen then you may not know what a chef’s knife is and what its purpose is. One of the chef knife’s best...

Best Offset BBQ Smokers

Best Offset BBQ Smokers

Our Winner[amazon box="B009ATRA9G" title="Tepro 1087 Biloxi Offset BBQ" description="The easy to assemble mid range Tepro Offset smoker is our...

About Smokeguys

The Smoke Guys are here to provide a massive selection of BBQ food smoking items for hot & cold smoking as well as general BBQ food. Hot smoking food continues to grow throughout the UK with a number of BBQ food chains expanding across the country.

Outdoor smoking can produce some amazing tastes and flavours which is why we are here! We showcase some of the best products from the UK in our store making it easy for you to smoke your own food! You’ll find brands such as Brinkmann and ProQ on The Smoke Guys store

What Is A BBQ Smoker?

A smoker is an apparatus for cooking food at low and slow temperatures with controlled smoke to give food a smokey bbq flavour. Smokers tend to be charcoal fueled but can also be electric and fueled with pellets.  Heat & Smoke give food that classic smoked flavour.

How To Use A Smoker BBQ

The way in which you use a smoker BBQ depends on the brand and type of smoker you have, as well as the type of food in which you are cooking. There are a variety of ways to set up your coals for long low cooks for briskets and pork while other methods may be more suited to chicken and other meats.