Food Smoking FAQ’s

What Is Food Smoking

Hot food smoking is cooking different types of meats and fish using an indirect heat method while also using wood smoke to give a different flavour profile. The smoke is created by using wood chips in a smoke box.

There are a variety of different ways you can hot smoke food, using a kettle BBQ, Gas, a smoker BBQ or a hooded BBQ. This method of cooking takes a different amount of time based on the meat you are smoking. It’s much slower than you’re conventional BBQ but can achieve beautifully smoked food.

What Is Cold Smoking?

This is a way of getting a smoked flavour without cooking the food. This type of smoking is used mainly with fish however there are other foods that can be cold smoked such as cheese, bacon and salts.

What is the difference between smoking and BBQ?

Using a BBQ with direct heat needs perfect timing, making sure the fire is just right and the food needs to be moved and watched constantly. Smoking food with indirect heat requires less hands on time, you set it up and leave it and will achieve much nicer food.

What Food Can Be Smoked?

There are a variety of different foods that can be smoked that include: Chicken, Brisket, Pork, Fish, Cheese, Salts and vegetables.

What Creates The Smoke?

Smoke is created by using wood chunks or chips, some smokers also use briquettes. The wood is held within a container which is then placed onto the fire.

Can I Use A BBQ To Smoke Food?

As long as your BBQ has a big enough gap between where the meat will cook and the flame you can use your existing BBQ. Check out the indirect cooking method for more details.

Where Does The Water Bowl Go?

The majority of vertical smokers with have a water bowl supplied with them. The bowl should sit between the fire and two grills above. The water bowl can be filled with other items apart from water such as alcohol and herbs.

The water helps keep the food tender and succulent by increasing the humidity in the smoker however you do not have to have a water bowl, it’s all down to your own tastes.

Do I Have To Use Specific Wood For Smoking?

You can only use wood that has not been treated, treating wood adds chemicals which will be harmful. Wood chips and wood should be brought from a specialist wood supplier.

Do woods give off different flavours?

All wood gives a different unique flavour and this is really all about testing to see what you prefer and also the meat you are smoking.

What temperature should I smoke food at?

The temperate you smoke at is dependant on the type of meat and the size. We have provided a chart showing temperatures for each meat.

What is water smoking?

You use the water smoking technical to raise the humidity in the smoker, this is done by adding a water bowl above the fire.