How To Build A Brick Bbq

If you want a new BBQ, or even your first, there is no better way to go about it than to build your own brick BBQ. It’s easier to do than you think, so read on to find out how. We’ll guide you through each step.

Pour the Concrete Base

First of all, you will need to decide how big you want the BBQ to be. Use your grates to guide you, and then plan out where you’re going to put the concrete base. Once you’ve got the position, you can start mixing the fast-drying cement and clearing the area where it’s going to be poured. When that’s done, you just need to pour it and let it set. Then, you have your base.

Plan the Brick Layout

When the concrete has set, you will need to plan out where you are going to lay the bricks that will form your BBQ. To start with, you just need to lay these on the ground without using any mortar that would set them in place. Leave gaps between each brick where the mortar will later go. That way, you can get the planned layout right before committing to anything.

Lay the First Course Using Mortar

Once the plan is done and you’re ready to fix everything in place, you should start with the first course. This is the bottom layer of your BBQ, and it’s very important to get this part right. Use a trowel to lay down a layer of mortar and be sure to put it in the gap between each brick too. Keep making sure that the course is square and level.

Then Lay the Next Couple of Courses

After the entire first course is in place, the following layers should be done slightly differently. This time, you only to place bricks on top of three sides of the existing first course. That’s because you need to leave it open at the front so that you can put charcoal in there when you’re ready to BBQ. Other than that, you just need to lay the courses as before.

When Laying the Remaining Courses, Create Support Ledges

The final courses are a bit different again because support ledges need to be created. This is very simple to do, though. You just need to turn some of the bricks around so that they jut out away from the rest of the walls. These ledges will eventually allow you to keep your grill grate in place easily and securely. You should position these carefully, leaving gaps between each ledge. You can create about three in total on opposing sides.

Finish it Off

Finally, all that’s left to do is finish it all off. You might want to create another layer of bricks around the BBQ to make it a bit more secure, but that’s not always necessary. Use a jointer to strike the joints, and then brush off any remaining mortar that is on the bricks. You can wash it down with a hose if there are any stubborn patches.