Best Saucepans Reviewed

Written in 2022
by Adam

    We've chosen the best saucepans for 2020/2021 to cater for all cooking needs and budgets. 

    Guide on how you would choose the best saucepans 

    You might be a keen newbie or cook. To find the best saucepan set for 2020 is essential. We feel that a full set is the simplest option to kit yourself out at home. Not only will you save cash but you also won't be caught without the proper saucepan for any types of food. 

    An excellent saucepan may be comfy to carry and hold. Many mixes and match several materials to ensure that the heat is moved efficiently and uniformly. Nevertheless, you need to make sure you choose one that's appropriate for the kind of hob you've got. While all pans will likely be a good match with both electric and gas hobs if you possess an induction hob you would want your particular favoured set to work. 

    An excellent way to make this happen is through testing the base and making use of a magnet. If it sticks, it must be acceptable for use on induction. As a general rule, pans constructed from cast iron and stainless steel may be induction compatible, which will serve as a sure indication which forms of hob they're appropriate for if you're opting for something brand new. 

    Maybe you are not entirely sure which saucepan is best to buy? We've reviewed eight of the best saucepan kits at a variety of prices and features so that you can choose the best one for your kitchen. 

    Which saucepan material is tops? 

    Most pans consist of a mixture of materials. Aluminium can be used to spread temperature uniformly and present one with a light pan, while stainless materials are necessary to make sure the pan is well suited to work with all hobs. 

    If you happen to possess an induction hob, or might want one shortly, be sure to find out if the saucepans of your choice are induction-compatible. 

    Handle-wise, people tend to favour metal. These present an expert experience and something that can endure high conditions, so they're sufficient to use in an oven, but be informed that some can get very hot so you might have no alternative than to use an oven glove. 

    Nonstick anodised exteriors and interiors are excellent for cleaning. Even when the coatings are much more stringent than they were previously, they need to be handled with utmost care. All the pans we reviewed over here are dishwasher safe. Just as a precaution, be sure you read the small print as some brands would recommend hand-washing for the pans. 

    If you're concerned with the chemical substances that get into Teflon nonstick coatings, then your best bet would be ceramic-coated pans. 

    How long should a set last? 

    It's imperative to understand that certain kinds of cookware will preserve their appearances and last much longer. Stainless steel pans are among the best in this regard, Therefore, if you're in search of a set that will be long-lasting, be sure to make this your product of preference. 

    Will the set I buy have enough pans? 

    It's quite rare to utilise more than three pans at any given time. Therefore, this will be much less a concern of whether your saucepan set includes adequate pans and more a question of whether they're the correct size or otherwise not. 

    Two smaller saucepans plus a frying pan are often all you need, especially if you want to save space. However, if you've got a family, love enjoyable or batch-cooking huge meals such as soups, you'll undoubtedly require a big stockpot or pan. Some sets, such as the Tefal Jamie Oliver pans, sport a good-sized stockpot. If your set doesn't, augment it with one colossal cooking pot – you can typically purchase additional pans to complement a collection. 

    Best affordable saucepan set

    Salter Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium 

    Salter BW05745 Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium Frying Pan, 20 cm, Corrosion-Resistant, Soft-Touch Handle, Suitable for All Hob Types,...
    • From the Salter Mega stone Collection, this frying pan features an ultra-non stick surface for improved cooking performance
    • Measuring 37L x 20.8W x 4.4h cm, the pan is made from strong forged aluminium with a smart looking silver rough textured finish
    • With a rugged non-stick coating for improved performance, The pan is suitable for use with metal utensils and is even dishwasher safe

    Salter's forged aluminium saucepan hits the mark in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality. The pans are heavy enough to ensure a perfect balance when placed on a gas stovetop but not that hefty that they're a chore to clean and use. Smooth no-grip handles make for effortless transport, as the unique nonstick layer suggests the pans may be used with metal utensils and generally are dishwasher-safe. All this enables you to spend even more time cooking much less time caring for and washing your pans. 

    The set consists of three different size pans, ideally suited for a variety of cooking tasks. The medium and small pans are perfect for sauces or pasta for one to a couple, whereas the largest is ideal for boiling pasta and veggies for up to four patrons or guests. This is the kind of saucepan we suggest you acquire should you require a decent spending plan set to top up your kitchenware. 

    Best Ceramic Saucepan 

    GreenPan Saucepan Set, Non-Toxin Free Ceramic Sauce Pots

    GreenPan Venice Pro Non Stick 16cm, 18cm & 20cm Saucepan Set, PFAS Free, Grey
    • Set includes: saucepan 16cm/1.5l, saucepan 18cm/2l, saucepan 20cm/3.1l (all inc. lids).
    • Hard anodized aluminium construction with Scratch Guard technology.
    • PFAS free Thermolon Infinity Pro non-stick ceramic coating for effortless cooking.

    If you are someone who declines to use Teflon pans as these are associated with various chemical substances, then these ceramic saucepans are an excellent option. Even though these are PFOA-free, they nonetheless have a very easy to use nonstick finish, which is perfect for things like bechamel and curry sauce – a couple of things infamously bad for sticking in one's set, you can get three good-sized pans that measure between 16 to 20cm – perfect for taking care of kitchen duties such as warming sauces or boiling veggies. 

    Each cooking pan has a magnetised base, which guarantees heat is distributed more uniformly and additionally suggests they are suited to all hob types, also induction. We had been thoroughly impressed by their oven safety features. Thanks to metal handles, you can simply put them into the oven, and they'll be able to cope with heats of up to 220 degrees celsius. All this tends to make it a wonderfully usable saucepan set. 

    Best saucepan Under £120 

    Judge Saucepan Set, Stainless Steel Silver

    Judge Saucepan Set, Stainless Steel Silver, 5 Pieces
    • Mirror polished stainless steel
    • Impressive performance due to even heat distribution from 'hot forged' bases
    • With riveted cast handles, assures a permanent and solid connection to the body of the pan, unlike a welded joint

    These mirror-polished stainless metal pans are a must-have as you get true value for your money. 

    The frying pan features an Eterna nonstick inside, even though the other pans are uncoated stainless metal pans with aluminium handles on. The sides associated with handles are gently curved, so they feel great in one's hands since these are so lightweight. And, in the event you want to move the frittata or casserole to your oven, the pans will handle it with ease as it will withstand up to 210°C. 

    Toughened glass covers with ports allow you to watch your cooking and possibly prevent overboiling in the primary three saucepans, plus each boasts a hot-forged base for lots more efficient heat distribution. 

    Ultimately, if you are the sort of cook which likes to determine by eye, the pans' internal capacity guides will offer you a genuine helping hand. 

    Best Space Saver Saucepan 

    Tefal Ingenio Non-stick Elegance Cookware Set

    Tefal Ingenio Elegance Non-Stick Cookware Set, 13 Pieces, Grey, L2319042
    • ALL Ingenio products are non stick (may not be mentioned on box separately)
    • Detachable handles for a versatile cooking experience
    • Thermo-spot technology on the frying pans, wok and sautepan indicates optimum cooking temperature

    The Ingenio set is pricey when you consider the fact that 13 pieces are equivalent to five pans, but they have a smart design in that you can stack these like Russian dolls, preserving premium cupboard space. Build quality is exceptional too, with titanium for additional resilience, interior capability guides inside the stainless-steel saucepans as well as a nonstick coating inside the frying pans to include a Tefal Thermo-Spot that shows a different colour for safety reasons once the frying temperature reaches optimum heat. 

    The remaining eight pieces of the set are glass lids for cooking food, airtight plastic-made tops for storing space and two grips that merely click on and off therefore you can switch from pan to pan. The grips function brilliantly and, without them, the pans are generally oven-safe to an impressive 260°C. A great space-saver but the greatest attributes a 2.6l capacity; you'll require to supplement this set with an additional pan or two if you like cooking up huge soups. 

    Zyliss Fa Saucepan

    Zyliss E980143 Ultimate Non-Stick 3 Piece Saucepan Set With Lids | Multiple Sizes | Forged Aluminium | Black | Rockpearl Plus Non-Stick Technology |...
    • 3 x multi layer Swiss engineered cookware, PFAO free non-stick coating: nothing sticks and no oil or butter needed!
    • The hard wearing coating is Metal tool safe and dot induction base is suitable for all hobs, including induction
    • Includes tempered glass lid and a comfortable sofrt grip handle, oven safe upto 180°C

    These types of pans feel good in the palm thanks to the sleek, soft-grip handles that continue to be cool while cooking. The kit has three decent sizes, with the smallest pan perfect for sauces and the biggest holding enough veggies or pasta for a household of four. 

    Constructed from thick aluminium, these pans are incredibly sturdy, and the 3-layer nonstick coating is totally 'nonstick'. Also, after it has gone through the dishwasher many occasions, there's no indication that the finish is wearing away. Due to the smooth silicone grips, these cannot be utilised in the oven however they're induction hob friendly. 

    Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Anodised Premium Series

    Tefal Jamie Oliver Hard Anodised Premium Series - 5 Piece Cookware Set, Black
    • Titanium non-stick coating particles for extra durable non-stick
    • Thermo-spot technology which indicates when the pan has reached optimum cooking temperature
    • Riveted stainless steel handle for a comfortable and secure grip

    These kinds of five saucepans address all the sizes a confident chef might need. A variety of saucepans range from a quite useful 2.1l pan up to a 5l stockpot, each with an appealing, curving lid. Plus there's a good-sized frying and the best large sauté cooking pan. 

    All feature a titanium nonstick inside and the frying and sauté pans also come with a Tefal Thermo-Spot which shifts colour at the maximum temperatures. Outside, the pans are anodised for an easy-to-clean finish in gunmetal grey. 

    Their bases tend to be induction-friendly however aluminium is used greatly in the bottom, for even cooking and also making the pans surprisingly light in hand. 

    But notice that the grips are generally stainless steel with a nice-to-grip silicon substance, which in turn indicates they're oven-safe (175°C, 210°C without covers) but additionally means you'll need an oven glove to pick these up when they get very hot. 

    Circulon Premier Professional Saucepan and Frypan

    Circulon Saucepan Set of 5 - Non Stick Induction Hob Pan Set with Glass Lids & Soft Grip Handles, Black Dishwasher Safe Pots and Pans Set with...
    • Guaranteed quality: We stand behind the durability of the extremely resilient and metal utensil safe pots and pans and give you a lifetime guarantee; fine materials and craftsmanship enhance the...
    • Elegant performance: The induction frying pans, sauce pans and sauce pot (hard anodized aluminium with stainless steel base) ensure a steady heat distribution and it makes cooking effortless, fast and...
    • Ideal for the kitchen: This set includes: 14 cm milkpan, 16 cm and 18 cm saucepans, 20 cm stockpot and 20 cm skillet. These non stick oven safe pans make culinary premium possible, whether you use the...

    Circulon Premier Pro is the latest range of cookware from Circulon and, no doubt you would expect, it to be hard-wearing and versatile. The range consists of Circulon's patented 'Total' Hi-Low meals launch system, which is confirmed to supply outstanding nonstick overall performance. The hi-low inside groove system gives a high weight to abrasion and requires little if any oil whenever you're cooking, making for 'healthier' cooking. 

    Circulon provides the technically advanced TOTAL Nonstick System which combines a relaxed Hi-Low revolution technology with one of the most nonstick coatings available. 

    Food cooks and lets off various substances on the entire area for the pan. But raised circles on the 'Hi' area allow a small fraction for the cooking surface to take all of this abuse that involves the use of utensils, protecting the vast majority of the cooking surface on the 'Low' area from abrasion. The result of this is enhanced cooking resilience and nonstick toughness. 

    Circulon Premier pro Cookware is always made from the highest quality materials to produce robust gauge hard anodised saucepans that are double as tough as stainless steel to ensure it will resist the rigours of anything inside the kitchen domain. 

    The pans also boast sophisticated and contemporary manufacturing methods to give you the best, well-rounded cookware in the market. 

    Prestige – Thermo Smart – Pots and Pans Set 

    Prestige – Thermo Smart – Pots and Pans Set – 5 Piece Cookware Set Non Stick – Induction, Gas and Electric Hobs, Made in italy
    • ✅ COOKWARE SET NON STICK – diamond infused non stick cookware for easier and healthier cooking with no or little oil needed. The non stick is safe making this a PFAO free pots and pans set.
    • ✅ HEAT INDICATOR – useful heat indicator located in the heat resistant handle that turns from black to green when ready to cook. Our nonstick cookware set will help you create the best dishes.
    • ✅ HIGH QUALITY – This quality 5 piece cookware set includes 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans and 20 and 24cm frying pans. We're so confident of the quality we've given you a 5 year guarantee

    Have you wondered what it would be like if, for example, the pan informed you with regards to how to be prepared, so you do not overcook? That's precisely what the brand-new range, Thermo Smart will do for you! It features a temperature indicator inside the handle that turns green when the pan is hot enough to begin cooking, doing away with the uncertainty and preserving your valuable time within the cooking area. 

    Prestige cookware happens to be a trusty friend within the kitchen area for generations. Prestige's primary goal is to produce many useful features to make your life easier. We want to spend far less time in the cooking area and a bit more time doing what means the most. 

    Prestige nonstick pots and pans set can furthermore help in preparing yourself with little or a lot less oil for a more well-balanced way of life. The diamond-infused nonstick will clean a lot faster, so you may relax and enjoy your cooking. It's also extra safe, as it is a PFOA cookware kit. 

    Prestige range cookware is ideal for taking your cooking creativity to another degree. The extra-secure grip will help you to control your tasks comfortably and adequately, thanks to its smooth touch. 

    Prestige induction pans are entirely functional, and that can be used on all hobs, including gas and electric power. These lightweight aluminium pots and pans will make sure temperature is equally dispensed and will keep going for quite a few years. 

    What's more, it is safe to clean in a dishwashing machine, so you can conserve time, sit back and enjoy upbuilding discussions with your family members 

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