Best Outdoor Patio Heaters 2021

(August 2021 Review)

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Originally Posted December 15, 2020

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As the evenings draw in and you want to stay outdoors for that little bit longer, it’s time to grab a new patio heater? We’ve put together a list of our favourites reviewed.

You need to figure out what you want from your brand-new outdoor heater. What size is the area you want to heat – courtyard, balcony or your whole decked area? Would you like an easily transportable alternative? Have you got space to keep a patio heater that isn’t weather resistant? Plus, how much do you have to spend?

Whether you are on the lookout to provide heat in the garden, on the patio or deck, or additionally if you’re a business owner that requires heating in the pub, eatery or smoking area, fear not. There are a vast number of practical options for outdoor heating based on your requirements.

First, you need to determine what type of patio heater you want, as they come in a mix of different styles, which consist of floor standing or freestanding, roof-mounted, parasol, wall-mounted or tabletop. So, make an effort to pick the best patio heater for your requirements. Industrial users must opt gas or carbon fibre electric patio heaters since these offer the best bang for your buck. In contrast, noncommercial users might opt for cheaper options.

Different Fuel Types

Many standard patio heaters will consume either gas or electric. You will find different types of heaters on the market place that use bio-fuel, wood and ethanol heating units, but they aren’t “traditional” patio heaters and tend to fall under either fire tables or chimneys.

The expense of running a patio heater is not just limited to what you’ve paid for it plus the fuel expense, be it gas or electric powered. You should factor in how long the heater and components might last. For instance, an inexpensive gas patio heater with powder coating and no waterproof cover will corrode after 1 season, so we recommend you purchase a gas-powered stainless steel patio heater when you can, as these last substantially longer for just a few pounds more.

Should you decide on an electric patio heater, which we recommend as opposed to gas heaters, you will find that the patio heating device will last forever. Yet, you need to be aware that the components or lamps within these heaters require replacing after a certain number of hours. Typically, halogen and quartz light bulbs or elements last between 3,000 to 5,000 hours, whereas ceramic or carbon elements likely last 7,000 to 10,000 plus hours which are by far the best patio heater light bulbs in terms of heat coverage and durability.

Heater Features

Another aspect to look out for is the extra features of every single heater, such as a free protective cover, glare reduction, remote control, or suitability for outdoor or indoor use.

Each of the patio heaters outlined here is suitable for yard or outdoor use, and each of the electric heaters mentioned can be used indoors too!

We’ve looked at the best heaters on the market to bring you our selection of the best patio heaters you can buy right now.

Shadow Maximus Gold 2kW Parasol Patio Heater

Best Parasol Heater

If you’re looking for a parasol heater, then we would endorse the Prem-I-Air 2kW parasol heater. It features 3 adjustable power settings as well as a 5-metre power cable. Bear in mind that most of the parasol heater cords are 1-2m long. Much gratitude to some foresight by the manufacturers, you won’t struggle to get to the nearest power socket!

The manufacturers promise a heating area of 4.5sqm that is quite sufficient for a heating unit this size.

Lightweight and with foldable arms you won’t struggle to install this heater or take it down once it’s time to pack up.

Having a bulb life of 5,000 hours and also replacement components at £5.00 per bulb this heater will cost just £0.015 per hour before electricity and only a third of a penny once the initial components have blown, making it the most affordable parasol heater for long term use


  • Arms are Fold-able
  • Different Power Settings
  • IPX4 Weather-resistant Rating
  • Easy to Install as its lightweight
  • Long Power Cable (5m)


  • No Remote Control or Additional Features


Caloray Disc 2000-Watt 230 Volt Electric Heater

Best Ceiling Mounted Heater

A pretty expensive heater with few extras but if you have a host of resources at your disposal and you want a non-intrusive indoor and outdoor heating system, the Caloray 2000 may well be the heater for you!

It is not the most effective way to spend your money with the base price starting with £499.00 and extras costing more than £135.00. But throughout the duration of the 10,000 hours, you’ll be spending just below 5p per hour before energy gets used – which makes them a lot more economical than they first seem.

Depending on whether you use it indoor, outdoor or partially sheltered, every heater provides heat from 3m2 (20ft2) to 4.5m2 (25ft2). It provides both radiant heat and convective heat. This best patio heater is incredibly versatile.


  • Modern
  • Easy to Install
  • Zero Glare
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Offers Convective or Radiant Heat


  • Higher Upfront Cost


Kingfisher Garden Outdoor Table Top Patio Heater

Best Gas Table Top Heater

Kingfisher is a brand name known for its garden products. They deal mainly with budget products, and we’ve reviewed their primary budget wall mounted patio heater.

If you’re searching for a simple tabletop patio heater that is low-cost and provides nearly 14,000 BTUs, then this particular heater will probably be the answer.

With a changeable control button and piezo ignition, you have complete control over how much you want to spend on gas. This gas-fired heater is actually one of the most affordable on the market, with just 23p based on a 12kg gas tank. If you are making use of a larger tank, for example, a 47kg unit this patio heater is cost-effective at 5.8p per hour – it might look a little ridiculous having such tank connected to such a small heater!)

People would expect 4-6sqm of heat cover off this heater, so somewhat worse compared to an electric heater. If electric powered isn’t an option, then this is a fantastic  affordable alternative!


  • Relatively Low Cost to Purchase
  • Powder Covered Finish
  • Hose Included


  • Regulator Bought Individually


Firefly 1.8kW Halogen Bulb Electric Infrared Slimline Outdoor Patio Heater with Remote Control

Stylish & Jam-Packed with Features

A smart and fashionable weather-resistant heater, with a range of additional attributes, including an integrated PIR sensor to switch off the heater after 5 minutes of no movements is detected, saving you money as well as the environment, who doesn’t love saving the planet?! However, this function can be disabled so that you wouldn’t have to wiggle your arms every so often.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and provides heat coverage of up to 7sqm. It will not heat the entire garden but will keep users nice and warm using the carbon halogen elements within a range of approximately 2,5m.

You’ll get a 2-year Firefly warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Cost of running is very fair as you can run this heater from just 13.23p per hour with adjustable settings.

It’s built with a sturdy foundation that protects against rust if you want to keep it outside and why not, as its ranking is IP55 superior.


  • Competitively Priced
  • Advanced Weatherproof Protection (IP55)
  • Anti-Tip Protection
  • Elegant Silver Aluminium Rust-resistant Style
  • Remote Control


  • 1.7m electrical power Cable


Dealourus Outdoor Patio Pyramid Heater – 13kw

Best Gas-Powered Patio Heater

With an elegant look and heat production, this outdoor heater style has become the go-to for pubs and restaurants.

You will bring life, lighting and elegance to your covered patio in just a few seconds, with the push of electronic ignition.

Safety is essential – the model is certified by CE, so you know it is constructed to a high standard. It gets heavy, of course, so take care not to run around or let children climb on it.

The burner, frame, and the heating grid are made of steel to resist high temperatures and to change garden conditions. The heater has rollers to allow you to travel around your garden effortlessly (let it cool before moving it).


  •  CE Approved
  • Stainless steel frame, burner, heating grid
  • The single-stage electronic ignition process
  • 42000 BTUs/Hour
  • 1.25m Quartz Glass Tube, Dia. 10cm
  • Adjustable flame height and variable heat control (5-13kw)


  • Can be difficult to assemble

Having the best patio heater, whether its electric or gas-powered, will be your best friend regardless of the season. Besides, some summer nights can be coolish for which a heating unit like these are just perfect. Isn’t it time you look at getting yourself one?

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