The Best Meat Thermometers for Smoking

(September 2021 Review)

Originally Posted May 26, 2020

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Our Winner

Maverick ET-733 Wireless Thermometer
252 Reviews
Maverick ET-733 Wireless Thermometer
This product has been a staple among experience pitmasters for ages. It has two probes and a range of 300 ft (when in the open). It's perfect as it is the match of accurate temperature reading and quality construction, what's more there aren't lots of confusing settings to slow you down. It also has a decent-sized backlit LCD screen.


  • Multipurpose Probes - with this thermometer your probes aren’t limited to only meat, they can be used any way you want giving you more flexibility.
  • Reliable Brand - Excellent customer support is something that you can always rely on when dealing with Maverick if you opt for a cheaper option you may end up dealing with a less trusted company.


  • Slower Read Time - the thermometer isn’t best suited to getting quick reads on thin meats. This will not affect you however if you are only smoking pork butts or briskets.
  • Changing the Battery - You will need a screwdriver to get into the battery compartment. This is a minor inconvenience but can get annoying.

The Maverick is a great quality thermometer and the accuracy of the temperature reading will mean that you can perfectly cook meat using your smoker.

We all know how hard it is to cook using a barbecue if you aren’t using an accurate smoker thermometer. It is near impossible to keep the temperature of the smoker consistent which makes it difficult to slow-cook anything. And don’t even think of using the built-in thermometer on your smoker because it won’t end well.

Your barbecuing experience will be so much more successful and simple if you invest in a quality wireless thermometer and follow some setup instructions.

To help you we have found the best smoker thermometers available to you and reviewed them to help you decide which one is right for you.

Runner Up

Thermopro TP08 Digital Meat Thermometer
8,987 Reviews
Thermopro TP08 Digital Meat Thermometer

The great thing about the TP08 is that it combines all the important aspects of a thermometer; great range, excellent durability, and lots of features, whilst still being at a budget price point.

This product has dual probes with a range of up to 300 feet and that are accurate to 1.8 °F. The temperature display is on a lightweight, portable device and if the temperature goes above your programmed range the device will flash and beep. This is great as it means you can get on with other jobs or even relax without having to worry about your smoker.


  • Accuracy - despite this thermometer being cheaper than most they certainly don’t compromise on accuracy when compared to a high-end thermometer it is only a couple of degrees off.
  • Focus on Important Aspects - we understand that the Thermopro isn’t going to come with lots of added features due to its price. However it nails the key features such as the display, the lost link warning, and the temperature alerts.


  • Complicated Buttons - you may find yourself rereading the user manual a few times as working out how to program the temperature range can be tricky.
  • Back Arrows Needed - if you overshoot the temperature there are no back arrows so you have to go all the way back round which can be time-consuming.

This thermometer is perfect for you if you aren’t interested in having a fancy thermometer and would prefer to save some money.

What you will get is accurate readings, 300-foot range, and a simple pairing system.


More Options

Inkbird IBT-4XS Meat Thermometer
594 Reviews
Inkbird IBT-4XS Meat Thermometer

The main unit of the IBT-4XS is very minimalistic with only one button located on the screen, this is because almost all of the settings and controls are located on the companion app. Made from plastic, the main unit is also very lightweight, however, this does mean that waterproofing is sacrificed so you'll want to avoid smoking in the rain.

With a capacity of four probes this thermometer provides a lot of flexibility, you can opt to order two or four probes if you don't think you will need four.


  • Easy Setup - all you need to do to get this thermometer up and running is simply install the app on your phone and follow some straight forward instructions. Great!
  • Accurate Readings - you can easily forget with all of this Bluetooth tech that what we are looking for is accuracy and this thermometer comes within 2 degrees of the higher end thermometers.
  • Brilliant App - the in-app experience is great as you can easily check temperatures and even name your probes so that you won’t forget what they are measuring. In addition, you can set temperature ranges and alarms that alert you if the temperature leaves these ranges.


  • Lack of Waterproofing - the main unit is vulnerable to the conditions which is not ideal as it is another thing to think about when planning your cook.
  • Limited Added Features - things like exporting your graphs or increasing their scale would’ve been nice additions however this is by n means the be-all and end-all.
  • All Probes are the Same - you will notice that all of the probes have a curve in the prong that is designed for meat, this is not a huge problem it just means that it will take up more space in your smoker.
Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer
1,710 Reviews
Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth Thermometer

The iGrill 2 is one of the most exciting products available. This is because instead of using WiFi technology to connect to a receiver it uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone/tablet using a free app.

The app allows you to name each probe, simplifying the process of monitoring more than one piece of meat. 2 probes come with the iGrill but it has a capacity of 4 (you can purchase probes from Amazon).

You may have heard about connection issues however we can assure you that these have been resolved. As long as you don't have too many walls between you and the thermometer the range will not be an issue either.

BURNHARD Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer
5 Reviews
BURNHARD Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

BURNHARD's thermometer certainly isn't the flashiest on the market but it does exactly what it's asked to. It comes with four probes, three of which are for food and one is used to measure the grill temperature.

It has a large temperature range of 0 to 300 degrees Celcius and you get the option to display it either in Celcius or Fahrenheit. Finally, it allows you to set alarms to monitor cooking times for you or you can use it as a stopwatch.

ThermoPro TP16 Meat Thermometer
27,533 Reviews
ThermoPro TP16 Meat Thermometer

This thermometer comes with the ability to view the temperature in either Celcius or Fahrenheit and it also has an impressive temperature range of 32 to 482 degrees Farenhenheit

It comes with a four-inch stainless steel probe that has a STEP-DOWN tip design that enables it to get the temperature precisely and quickly. The fact that it only comes with one probe is annoying but for the price, this thermometer is worth a look at.

Is this guide for you?

This guide focuses on people that are looking to smoke pork butts, briskets, turkey, or whole chicken. More importantly, if you want to take away the stress that comes with maintaining temperature over long cooks.

The two main things you need for success is for your smoker to consistently sit at a low temperature ( 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit), and to be keeping track of the meats internal temperature so you can take it off the smoker to rest at its ideal temperature.

Getting a good thermometer will allow you to get on with your day without worrying about how your smoker is doing, which can really hinder the progress of whatever else you are trying to do.
If you aren’t as interested in smoking larger pieces of meat and would prefer cooking something smaller such as fish or ribs then the majority of this guide will still be of use. The only difference for you is that you may only need one probe and an instant-read thermometer.

How to Set up Your Wireless Thermometer

If you manage to set up your thermometer correctly it will make life so much easier when it comes to cooking using your smoker. It will enable you to keep track of the meat’s temperature and the ambient temperature without having to open the smoker.

The probe for your ambient temperature needs to be measuring the air temperature where your food is. However, if you place your probe too close to the meat then the cold meat coils affect the reading.

What to consider when placing your probes:

  • When placing the meat probe put it in the thickest part of the meat away from any bone.
  • Use a probe clip that will come with most thermometers to attach your probe to the grill grate.
  • Remember that smokers are hotter in the middle than at the edge so place your probe near enough to the meat however not closer than a few inches as this could lead to false readings.

If you don’t have or have lost your probe clips then do not worry as you can use scrunched up tin foil to hold the probe in place with.

Why not just use the built-in thermometers?

We know what you are thinking, I’ve just spent all this money on a new smoker and I shouldn’t trust the thermometer that comes with it?

We say this because dome thermometers do measure the air temperature but it is the temperature of the air above whatever you are cooking. You want to know the temperature of the air directly next to your meat. That’s even without considering how manufacturers try to save as much money as possible on their built-in thermometers making them sub-par at best.


Keeping your thermometer in good condition

There are always lots of complaints in which people are angry that their new probes have stopped working after only a few uses. This is really not the case if you purchase a good quality thermometer, like the ones in our guide and you take good care of them. We have found that when doing this you can keep your probes working for at least a few years, normally longer.

Here are some ways that you can maintain the quality of your thermometer:

  • Make sure that your meat and grills do not exceed the temperature rating. When cooking at low temperatures and over a longer amount of time this should not be an issue as all of the thermometers on this guide have a rating of over 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never submerge your probe, even when washing it. Submerging your probe will most likely lead to your probe breaking, when washing stick to just wiping it down with a paper towel.
  • Be careful with how you store your probes, try to keep it as neat as possible to avoid crimping the wires.


To Conclude

We know that picking the right thermometer for you can be very stressful, especially if you are a beginner just getting into smoking and barbecues. You may not have even known what a probe was at the start!


We think the best option on the market for at the moment is the Maverick ET-733 due to its multipurpose probes that allow maximum flexibility. As well as the fact that it is produced by such a reliable brand in Maverick.


We hope this guide has helped you to make a well-informed choice on what thermometer is best for you.

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