BBQ Theme Ideas

Originally Posted June 11, 2017

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When the warmer weather approaches, one thing is for certain: many of us will be thinking about having a barbecue in the sun! There’s nothing better than to enjoy a hot summer’s day in the sun, relaxing with friends and family, and enjoying some good food cooked on an outdoor barbecue!

While most people seldom need an excuse to have a barbecue when the weather is perfect outdoors, some folks want to make the occasion a more special one. Did you know that having a theme for your barbecue can make the event more memorable and even enjoyable?

It’s certainly an idea worth considering if you’re having a barbecue to celebrate some good news or a special time in someone’s life. You may even want to have one while watching some big sporting events on your widescreen TV. So, with that in mind, what kind of themes should you consider for your next BBQ?

If you’re a bit bored of the traditional British garden barbecue themes, check out these intriguing alternatives to spice up your next barbecue:


The American barbecue theme

Let’s face it; one of the things that Americans love to do (and do well) during the summer is host some barbecues with their friends and family members! Our friends across the Atlantic love to show off their latest BBQs and accessories and cook a veritable feast for everyone that attends their outdoor events!

It’s actually quite easy and fun to create an American-themed barbecue, especially if it’s around an important date in U.S. history such as the 4th July (Independence Day). As you might expect, the types of foods to cook and offer your guests at an American-themed barbecue are hot dogs and burgers.

Decorating your garden with some blue, white, and red balloons and bunting will help to enhance the American theme of your barbecue, as would desserts and drinks such as brownies and root beer.


The beach barbecue theme

Just because you don’t live anywhere close to the seaside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beach-themed barbecue in your back garden! Most people look forward to barbecues and going to the beach in the summer, and here’s your chance to combine the two for an awesome and memorable day.

Tropical-themed foods such as pineapple and chicken skewers, grilled fruit, and glazed fish are ideal for such an idea. And when it comes to decorations, things like beach umbrellas, deck chairs, and seashells (along with some sand) help to turn any garden into a seaside venue!


The Mexican barbecue theme

If both you and your guests enjoy eating spicy foods, why not consider a Mexican-themed barbecue? You can incorporate an array of intense flavours in the foods you cook on your BBQ. Plus, you can easily decorate your garden with objects that have red, white, and green colours.

Other cool ideas for a Mexican barbecue theme include sombreros on tables, a few piñatas hanging up on trees, and even some Mariachi music playing in the background!

There are so many ideas for barbecue themes, you are only limited by your imagination. Good luck!

Adam Brown

Adam Brown

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