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Our best sellers across the site however we have a huge range of charcoal barbecues, gas, hot and cold food smokers and much more. 

About Smokeguys

The Smoke Guys are here to provide a massive selection of BBQ food smoking items for hot & cold smoking as well as general BBQ food. Hot smoking food continues to grow throughout the UK with a number of BBQ food chains expanding across the country.

Outdoor smoking can produce some amazing tastes and flavours which is why we are here! We showcase some of the best products from the UK in our store making it easy for you to smoke your own food! You’ll find brands such as Brinkmann and ProQ on The Smoke Guys store

What Is A BBQ Smoker?

A smoker is an apparatus for cooking food at low and slow temperatures with controlled smoke to give food a smokey bbq flavour. Smokers tend to be charcoal fueled but can also be electric and fueled with pellets.  Heat & Smoke give food that classic smoked flavour.

How To Use A Smoker BBQ

The way in which you use a smoker BBQ depends on the brand and type of smoker you have, as well as the type of food in which you are cooking. There are a variety of ways to set up your coals for long low cooks for briskets and pork while other methods may be more suited to chicken and other meats. 


The Best BBQ Rubs

The Best BBQ Rubs

Our Winner [amazon box="B01LYF2L5A" description=" Magic Dust's BBQ rub is made up of a blend of spices including pink salt, chillies, garlic,...

Best Hibachi Grills

Best Hibachi Grills

Our Winner! [amazon box="B00009Q14I" description="Landmann's Cast Iron BBQ is probably your best option if you are in the market for a new hibachi...